Info Session: Maritime Threats

Thursday and Friday, January 10-11 | 12:00pm-1:00pm daily

Maritime Security Threats

Global risks and threats to vessels are rapidly evolving worldwide.  Areas of the world once considered safe now have rapidly changing dynamics. Information of these risks and threats is slow to make it to vessels or their managers onshore. This informational session will provide an overview of some of the risks and threats affecting the worldwide maritime environment.  We will also discuss an exciting new technology coming to market to provide vessels and their managers with real-time, geo-specific risk and threat information through an easy to use interface.

This informational session is presented by Corey Ranslem. He has been in the maritime industry for over 23 years, spending eight years with the U.S. Coast Guard in various capacities in law enforcement and operations. He is currently the CEO of International Maritime Security Associates, Inc., and the inventor of the ARMS software platform. ARMS provides real-time risk and threat information to vessels that is geo-location specific and integrates the vessel’s specific response protocols and will be launching in 2018. IMSA has teamed up with Bluewater Books and Charts as the launch partner and main distributor for the ARMS platform in the large yacht industry.