Session 4-A:

It’s a colossal irony that terrestrial structures require the formal stamp of approval of Professional Engineers at different stages of construction and re-construction, while large vessels, which are subjected to constant dynamic forces while continuing to function in the most challenging environments as the veritable “lifeboats” for their owners and crews, do not. The conclusion that some may draw is that such Engineers are extraneous and “dispensable.” Uneducated Owners may wonder why they should spend their Refit dollars on Naval Architects and Engineers because they don’t understand what they could add – or what tragedies they could prevent – by virtue of their efforts. In this Seminar, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer Jeff Bowles will talk about what Engineers bring to Refits of any size and scale, and remind us of how critical their work can be.


Thursday, April 11, 10:15-11:30am

Jeffrey Bowles


Jeffrey Bowles, PE, PMP, is the director of DLBA (formerly Donald L. Blount & Associates). Now a part of Gibbs & Cox, DLBA is a consultant naval architecture and marine engineering group supporting a wide range of maritime industry market sectors. Jeff graduated from Webb Institute with a B.S. in naval architecture & marine engineering in 2000, and then obtained a master’s in marine engineering from the University of Newcastle in 2001. After joining DLBA later in 2001, Jeff spent considerable time in South Florida on refit projects acting on behalf of the owner, the building yard, and the refit yard. Jeff is a licensed professional engineer and a certified project management professional.

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