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Learn how to streamline your refits with the newest methods and materials available. Hear about developments in the works for US shipyards. The Refit Show will host live demonstrations and discussions by exhibitors in the center of the exhibit hall floor. These short workshops will take place hourly. Exhibiting companies will demonstrate their products and take questions during live Q&As.

All demonstrations are FREE to attend as a registered guest at the Refit Show.

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Refit Show Live Demonstrations: April 10

Wednesday11:00amRMK Merrill-StevensRMK Merrill-Stevens is making waves in Miami resurrecting the iconic yacht repair facility, expanding capacity, and offering quality repair and refit services for vessels from 30 feet to nearby 300 feet. Neighboring developments such as the incredible new River Landing multi-use facility complement the shipyard renovations offering new shopping and dining within walking distance, as a modern day must-have for superyacht refit destinations. CEO Aaron Leatherwood will share further details about the new shipyard and refit center.
12:00pmAME/Pruftechnik Bore alignment via Centralign from Pruftechnik quickly provides the alignment of strut and stern tube bore centerlines with respect to a line of sight. By rotating the sensor around the bore with a fixed laser, the Centralign system can calculate the center point. After measuring every bore in the shaftline one can compare the center points of each bore and determine what machining and/or adjustments need to be made to the bores and gearbox.
1:00pm Derecktor ShipyardsDerecktor – 71 years. And building. James Brewer will share some of Derecktor’s history and also show off some of the boats the shipyards have built over the years. James will also give an update on the yards as they are now and an update on the future plans for the new Fort Pierce, Florida, facility.
2:00pmWave WiFiWave WiFi will present on-board wireless internet connectivity and scale-able network management solutions made easy for any size vessel.

Refit Show Live Demonstrations: April 11

Thursday11:00amMIASF / Salty DogsMIASF’s Education and Workforce Committee has been working with Broward Schools on a Marine Industry Elevator Pitch Competition for students from South Broward High School’s Marine Magnet Program. 80 junior and senior students created a one-minute “elevator pitch” to sell themselves for careers in the marine industry. The top 20 students competed in a semifinal round at the Refit Show. The top five students will present on the show floor.
12:00pmAME / PruftechnikPredictive and preventative maintenance by utilizing condition monitoring is the most efficient way to streamline your maintenance budget. Vibration analysis provides very specific data that can detail your machinery’s health, allowing you to become proactive, rather than reactive when failures occur. The Vibscanner 2 and Vibguard by Pruftechnik allow for quick, easy, economic, and efficient collection of data on your equipment. The Vibguard allows for continuous data collection that’s automatically transferred to the people analyzing it, while the Vibscanner 2 is a simple and affordable portable unit that can be operated with minimal training.
1:00pmE4 PowerNautic Alert has brought the ultimate self-learning safety, geofencing, and intruder-monitoring platforms to the market. They will inform the vessel owner immediately, no matter where, and for every budget. Nautic Alert has teamed up with E4 Power for distribution.
2:00pmBöning The Böning systems provide a user-friendly interface that centralizes all the vessel controls in one screen. See how they can be used in many locations, such as pilothouse, engine room, crew mess, flybridge, etc.