Refit Conference Program

The 2018 Refit Show Conference Program

Attend the business and technical seminars at the Refit Show to find new ways to improve your refit process.

The Refit Show conference program is designed to be a forum for improving the refit process throughout yacht yards internationally. Our continuing goal is to provide real-world solutions to industry-wide challenges. Our speakers are successful and innovative professionals who want to share their ideas and hear others from the audiences. We encourage collaboration, so our audience members offer as many questions and thoughts as our speakers do.

Our conference covers business and legal topics as well as technical and hands-on training for everyone in the refit industry.

Our industry partners in the seminar series include:



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Exhaust System Design and Installation

Session 1-A: In this photo-intensive, interactive seminar you’ll learn how to quickly identify and avoid the most common exhaust system design and installation defects and faults, as well as how to interpret engine manufacturer requirements.

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Hurricane Preparations

Session 1-B: How could we have avoided some of the damage brought on by the 2017 hurricane season? Listen to a panel of experts explain how to keep boats and boatyards safe during aggressive weather.

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Refit Yards

Session 1-C: This seminar will describe and discuss the various types of refit yards, the business models, and the services provided by each type of yard. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.)

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Project Management Basics

Session 1-D: Ensuring the projects are finished on time, within budget, and within scope is a huge challenge. Research, process, predictability and innovation will all play a part.

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Basic Refit Preparation

Session 2-C: This seminar will focus on steps that owners, captains and yacht managers should take in planning and preparing for a refit.

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The Art of Estimating

Session 2-D: Estimating a new build, and especially a refit, is an art not a science. Whether the job is a refit, repair, or a custom build it will require a great deal of research. The more you know about the boat and your team, the more successful you will be in estimating a job.

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Legal and Liability Issues for Refits

Session 3-C: This seminar will describe and discuss the legal and liability issues associated with refits, the responsibilities of the owner, captains, yard managers and subcontractors. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.)

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Boat Refit & Building Economics

Session 3-D: In this session, participants will learn the importance of economic quality assurance and systematic quality control strategies, identifying and planning quality management, and designing and implement cost and inventory controls for projects.

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New Product Showcase

Session 4-A: See the latest electronics available to yachts, and get a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

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Trends in Design

Session 4-C: This seminar will provide the latest information on trends for yacht design, both in overall structure and with interior designs and finishes. Discussion on challenges of design and installation during refit periods will be included.

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Team Building and Communications

Session 4-D: Communication is one of the most important skills required to be an effective leader in any business but especially when responsible for building a successful team to refit, build or repair a boat.

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ABYC and International Standards

Session 5-A: Before beginning a refit, every owner, captain and project manager must agree on the standards that all repair work will follow. From electrical systems and plumbing to hull structure and engines, every repair or upgrade in a refit must be considered. When do you incorporate ABYC standards, versus ISO standards, versus CE standards? Is there a way to meet or exceed all of them during a refit? Learn about several new initiatives to increase the marine refit and construction workforce nationally.

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Communication & Team Work

Session 5-B: This interactive seminar will provide opportunities for participants to develop their communication. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.) Speakers: TBD

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Refit Management Case Studies

Session 5-C: This seminar will review specific refits, highlighting positive aspects and areas of challenges or failures of refits from a management perspective. Speakers: TBD

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Project Control and Leadership

Session 5-D: Participants will learn the difference between control and leadership, and when to apply each, the processes by which decisions are made, and how effective leaders develop personal decision-making strategies, assessing risk, using Pugh charts, and confronting ethics.

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Conflict Resolution

Session 6-B: This seminar will provide practical suggestions and methods for addressing conflicts that can arise between the various individuals and companies involved in a refit. Participants will engage in conflict resolution activities to demonstrate effective methods.

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Creating a Refit Planning Guide

Session 6-C: This whiteboard session will bring together captains, yacht managers and refit yard personnel to develop a resource guide that can be used within the industry. Speakers: TBD

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Project Management Q&A

Session 6-D: Presenters will be available to answer questions and provide further insights into refit projects, identify and solving problems, assessing risk, designing quality processes, scheduling work and more.

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