Bluewater Certification at the Refit Show

January 10-11, 2018

Certification: Introduction to Yacht Refitting for Yacht Managers, Captains and Crew

Bluewater Crew Training and The Triton have partnered to develop a seminar series for the 2018 Refit Show. Designed for yacht captains, crew, managers and owners, participants who complete six of the nine seminars on Wednesday, January 10, and  Thursday, January 11, will be issued a certificate by Bluewater Crew Training USA.

Yacht crew are eligible to receive discounted pricing on the full conference program to earn a certificate. Email for more information.


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Refit Yards

Session 1-C: This seminar will describe and discuss the various types of refit yards, the business models, and the services provided by each type of yard. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.)

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Basic Refit Preparation

Session 2-C: This seminar will focus on steps that owners, captains and yacht managers should take in planning and preparing for a refit.

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Legal and Liability Issues for Refits

Session 3-C: This seminar will describe and discuss the legal and liability issues associated with refits, the responsibilities of the owner, captains, yard managers and subcontractors. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.)

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Trends in Design

Session 4-C: This seminar will provide the latest information on trends for yacht design, both in overall structure and with interior designs and finishes. Discussion on challenges of design and installation during refit periods will be included.

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Communication & Team Work

Session 5-B: This interactive seminar will provide opportunities for participants to develop their communication. (This session is required for the Bluewater certification.) Speakers: TBD

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Refit Management Case Studies

Session 5-C: This seminar will review specific refits, highlighting positive aspects and areas of challenges or failures of refits from a management perspective. Speakers: TBD

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Conflict Resolution

Session 6-B: This seminar will provide practical suggestions and methods for addressing conflicts that can arise between the various individuals and companies involved in a refit. Participants will engage in conflict resolution activities to demonstrate effective methods.

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Creating a Refit Planning Guide

Session 6-C: This whiteboard session will bring together captains, yacht managers and refit yard personnel to develop a resource guide that can be used within the industry. Speakers: TBD

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