Bluewater Certification at the Refit Show

Two Certificates from Bluewater Crew Training, USA

The following series is presented by Bluewater Crew Training, USA. Designed for yacht captains, crew, managers and owners, participants who complete all three seminars in a day will be issued a certificate by Bluewater Crew Training USA.

Yacht crew are eligible to receive discounted pricing on the full conference program to earn a certificate. Email for more information.


Certificate: Operational Risk Mitigation Onboard a Yacht

Wednesday, April 10
10:15am-11:30amMitigating Risk in the Interior presented by Theresa Manwaring and Carolyn Dobbs
1:15pm-2:30pmMitigating Risk in the Galley presented by Jim Distler and John Pinkerton
3:00pm-4:15pmMitigating Risk in the Engine Room

Certificate: Maritime Digital Risk Prevention and Management

Thursday, April 11
10:15am-11:30amCyber Risk Management moderated by Dr. Jay Lasner and presented by Sean Donnelly
1:15pm-2:30pmEvolution to Smart Bridges presented by Corey Ranslem, Erik Speyer, and Mark Theissen
3:00pm-4:15pmCase Studies and Solutions for Vessel Digital Security presented by Corey Ranslem, Sean Donnelly, and Dr. Jay Lasner

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Cyber Risk Management

Session 4-B: This seminar will review specific cybersecurity considerations, practices, and training required to reduce the attack surface of vessels, crews, owners, and guests.

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Evolution to Smart Bridges

Session 5-B: Learn about the latest technological advancements in bridge hardware and software saving time, reducing risk, and improving operations.

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