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Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp and Certification

Produced by ABBRA and The Landing School


Does your company need to develop an in-house training program to transfer knowledge and skills from senior staff to entry-level employees? Join this special two-day program to ensure that your business builds a loyal, technically skilled workforce to support its sustainable growth. Presented by American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA) and The Landing School, this Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp is a special six-seminar certification at the Refit Show.

Our instructors will train prospective industry trainers by providing structure and guidance for instructing both incumbent workers and entry-level workers. It is a starting point for employers and subject matter experts (senior technicians) to develop a work-based learning program that is learner-centered. As learners take ownership of their own learning, they remember more of what’s taught and apply what they learn back on the job. Senior technicians will develop performance objectives and assess the performance of the learner.

Those who complete this six-session program will receive a continuing education certificate.

Who should attend : Employers interested in designing an in-house training program, subject matter experts interested in passing on their knowledge, providers of seminars & workshops, apprenticeship trainers.

Purpose: To help employers remedy our industry’s poorly developed talent pipeline, address skills deficiencies that exist among incumbent workers, and plan for knowledge transfer from an aging workforce ready to retire to employees willing and able to learn.

This bootcamp experience will show you some practical ways to involve participants more in their own learning and how to make training engaging and fun. Professional teachers will share some tricks of the trade for holding the interest of people who may have poor learning habits or short attention spans. Learn how to assess skills needs; prepare and plan your instruction based on your experience, knowledge and ability; understand the learners needs and measure competency; and mentor a multi-generational and diverse workforce.

Seminars Required for the ABBRA Certification

Train-the-Trainer Case Study

Session 6-C: Instructors will highlight a case study in detail to give participants an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered throughout the certification program.

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